Purchasing Agent

Louisville, KY


Masters' Supply, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Purchasing Agent in Louisville, KY. This is a full time position, 40+ hours/week, Monday-Friday.

Masters' Supply is an employee-owned company; Competitive wages and excellent benefits offered.

The purchasing agent will increase company profitability and customer satisfaction by purchasing materials in a timely manner and at the lowest cost. The purchasing agent will coordinate vendor activity and negotiations, and analyze trends in vendor pricing and sales activity to determine the correct timing of purchases.

Reports to: Director of Purchasing/President


Job Duties:


  • Critical thinking – demonstrates ability to apply logical thinking to gathering and analyzing information, designing and testing solutions to problems, formulating plans and securing profit margin advantages.

Decision Making

  • Attentive - Recognizes issues, problems, or opportunities and determines whether action is needed.
  • Generates alternatives—Creates relevant options for addressing problems/opportunities and achieving desired outcomes.
  • Chooses appropriate action—Formulates clear decision criteria; evaluates options by considering implications and consequences; chooses an effective option.
  • Commits to action—Implements decisions or initiates action within a reasonable time. Realizes that taking no action is also an alternative.
  • Flexibility – examine plan and change course if necessary.


  • Goal Oriented - Able to define and promote company objectives.
  • Precise Communication - Able to represent the company’s position clearly and forcefully through cogent and articulate oral and written communication.
  • Observant - Has strong listening skills, collects information. Able to leverage information to gain a position of advantage.
  • Organized-Meticulous note taker with detailed memory; Can support initiatives with documentation.
  • Patience - comfortable waiting for a position to unfold to reveal and optimal advantage, knowing when to act and when not to.
  • Tenacity – Able to maintain intensity in the negotiation in the face of strong opposition.
  • Flexibility – Able to see things from different angles and refine position or choose new tactics in order to achieve an acceptable result.
  • Selflessness – Able to separate ego from the negotiation process. Does not take opposition personally.
  • Creativity – Able to come up with new ideas and solutions acceptable to all parties.
  • Passion – Enthusiastic about representing your position.

Building Strategic Internal/External Working Relationships

  • Collaborative - Identifies the critical departments, organizations, and key personnel that are needed to build a team for reaching collective goals. Analyzes the key players to determine their personal goals within their departments or organizations, and develops strategies to incorporate those individual goals into the overall plans.
  • Seeks opportunities—maintains effective working relationships to create opportunities where business objectives can align.
  • Facilitates agreement—Gains agreement from partners to support ideas or take partnership-oriented action; uses sound rationale to explain value of actions.
  • Practices good people skills - Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated. Treats people with dignity, respect, and fairness; includes them in discussions and gives proper credit where due. Supports others positions and ideas openly, and subordinates own ideas and personal goals when appropriate.
  • Setting and Achieving Goals - Establish achievable goals with reasonable commitments and accountability. Managing expectation to agreement. Implementing course of action in a timely manner. Measuring results.
  • Monitors partnership—monitors and evaluates the partnership and process to ensure the attainment of mutual goals.

Planning & Organizing Work

  • Prioritizes—Identifies more critical and less critical activities and assignments; adjusts priorities when appropriate.
  • Determines tasks and applies resources—Determines project or assignment requirements by breaking them down into tasks. Leverages types of equipment, materials, and people needed to complete work efficiently in coordination with internal and external partners.
  • Schedules—Allocates appropriate amounts of time for completing own; avoids scheduling conflicts; develops timelines and milestones.
  • Stays focused—Uses time effectively and prevents irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with work completion.

Business Skills

  • Industry awareness - Understands technical terminology, industry trends and purchasing and inventory management. Strong working knowledge of warehouse operations.
  • Technical ability - Possess proficient math skills to facilitate accurate and quick assessment of data. Has excellent computer skills with a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and ERP software. Able to effectively leverage technology systems and procedures. Proficient at using computers for access to current products and pricing, tracking orders, inventory levels and performance, and to facilitate actual purchasing.
  • Communication style – Uses a variety of nonverbal, visual, oral and written methods to effectively convey information and ideas; active listener who understands, interprets and evaluates what is heard.


  • Acts with integrity - Approaches all situations professionally, from a position of absolute integrity. Demonstrates honesty; keeps commitments; behaves in a consistent manner.
  • Focus on training – Seeks programs, schooling, and other resources to remain current and knowledgeable.

Perform other duties as assigned. Adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the Employee Handbook.

Job Requirements:

Education: Associate’s degree preferred


  • Minimum 1 year in similar position (2 years preferred)
  • Minimum 2 years in progressive position (3 years preferred)
  • Product knowledge required
  • Wholesale distribution experience preferred

Job Type: Full-time

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