New Customer Center

You deserve the best, and that's why we believe you've made it here. Call it fate - if you will - that we're destined to be together! There's no need in prolonging any further, let's do this!

Our Process

As a new customer you have the option to open either a cash account or a credit account, depending on your preference. If you prefer to open a cash account please disregard the instructions below and contact us or visit one of our five locations to speak with a sales representative. If you're seeking a credit account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out the provided credit application (please type)
  2. Print out and sign the first page (signature line) and the second page (guarantor line)
  3. Fax, mail or scan and e-mail your completed and signed document 
  • Address - 4505 Bishop Lane Louisville, KY 40218 
  • Fax - (502) 456-6049
  • E-mail -

You will be contacted once the account has been approved and opened. 


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