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As one of the leading wholesale distributors in the region, Masters’ Supply, Inc. has consistently pushed the envelope to create different ways of meeting client's needs. Founded in 1939 by Carl Zoeller of the reputable Zoeller Pump Co. family, there was a desire from the beginning to be Louisville's exclusive plumbing and industrial wholesaler. After Mr. Zoeller announced his retirement in the mid 90’s, the company's key leaders continued to build on his ambitions by expanding their territories. Envisioning multiple-site, fully-stocked outlets and armed with optimistic initiatives, the company set out to capture market share and galvanize relationships.

Today, Masters’ has 5 premier branches complete with stocked warehouses and lavish showrooms by its subsidiary company, Creative Kitchen & Bath. Operating out of Louisville (main location and central distribution channel), Elizabethtown, Lexington, Danville and Shelbyville, the company excels in customer service with their ability to reach several markets. Excellent leadership coupled with core-competencies are reasons they have been so successful since the late 1930's. The company will continue devoting time and resources to develop competent individuals to service their ever-growing customer base.

Masters’ Supply Inc. is an employee-owned entity (ESOP) where you’ll find change agents that strive continuously to build a better local, independent company that focuses all of its efforts on benefiting YOU!

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